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Team-first career growth tracking you’ll actually want to use

Career development takes work, every day — it needs to be a habit. With Progression, you can effortlessly capture growth moments, as they happen, and empower your team to track and grow their skills easily.


Career conversations made simple.

Annual review coming up? A conversation about salary or job title? No stress.

With Progression, you and your team can quickly and easily see where they’re at, where they want to be, and how they can get there.


Celebrate together with Wins

Recognise and share your team’s achievements, both individual and shared, with Wins. You can capture your own hard work, too.

Focus Skills

Prioritise development with Focus Skills

Never lose sight of the skills that matter most as your team develops. Focus Skills keep everyone on the same page.

Focus Skills

Keep on track with Actions

Your team can capture the work they’re doing every day to demonstrate how they’re developing. Save, track and check off Actions to evidence your progress.

Slack integration

Build powerful habits with our Slack app

Prompt, add and react to Wins, and get notified of your team’s activity without leaving Slack.

Slack integration

As someone with an unconventional career path who has pivoted in discipline and felt the pains of doubt, uncertainty and bias, I learnt the hard way how important it is to be mindful, deliberate and habitual about my growth. I wish I’d had Progression from the start to put structure, accountability and evidence in my hands each time I navigated my next move.

Katie, Product Lead

Create beautiful frameworks in minutes

Access our extensive Skills and Templates Library and create your first framework with ease.

Measure progress with Check-ins

Have better performance conversations with our simple three step process.

Create a career-confident generation

Empower your team to advocate for themselves, with evidence collected as they go.

Build your first team in minutes

Get access to our library of templates and skills and invite your team, for free