Shape, coordinate and lead activities on project work with colleagues and clients.


Level 1

(Beginner) Can manage their own time in consultation with others.

  • Completes timesheets in a timely fashion.

Level 2

(Novice) Can manage their workload efficiently, proactively suggesting solutions to competing demands.

  • Can manage and prioritise their own tasks in a backlog.

  • Has observed or participated in an estimation session.

  • Often completes tasks on time in normal circumstances.

  • Re-prioritises and consults others regarding the completion of tasks in challenging circumstances.

Level 3

(Intermediate) Is capable of shaping and coordinating activities on project work, including those involving other colleagues or clients.

  • Can create a backlog of project-wide tasks.

  • Can provide estimates of effort for common tasks.

  • Can source estimates from colleagues for atypical or unfamiliar tasks.

  • Pro-actively re-estimates tasks after unexpected events and/or in challenging circumstances.

  • Frequently completes tasks on time and within estimate in normal circumstances.

  • Can complete tasks in a reasonable timeframe in challenging circumstances.

Level 4

(Expert) Coordinates multiple team-wide activities, unblocks barriers to progress, and plans timelines, checkpoints and/or milestones as part of a project.

  • Coordinates and collates project team estimates to measure and manage expected delivery dates.

  • Can (re)prioritise a project / team backlog of tasks in consultation with colleagues and clients.

  • Continually assesses the ongoing risk status on a project, and its communication to relevant colleagues or stakeholders accordingly.

  • Can schedule key project ceremonies such as sprint planning, stand-ups, playbacks, demos and retros.

Level 5

(Master) Can effortlessly coordinate complex activities across multiple teams, projects or unrelated work simultaneously.

  • Coordinates risk assessment, mitigation and communication to senior stakeholders or project sponsors.

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