Level 1

• Represent Intercom in blog posts, public speaking • Know, show, help designers understand the philosophy and guidance of leadership

Level 2

• Represent Intercom in high-profile external channels and venues • Grow our reputation as having a top-tier design team • Reflect our philosophies, discuss them with teams, gather feedback, and continue growing our culture

Level 3

• Establish Intercom as a world-class, future-facing, innovative, and highly respected design team • Evolve how we work and help everyone develop a shared understanding of key issues that affect our processes

Level 4

• Represent design at Intercom • Set the bar for content, grow our public reputation, and define our image as a highly respected design org • Act as the connective tissue between design teams and leadership by clearly communicating and representing in both directions • Influence and share our internal/external positions on key issues

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