Level 1

• Provide clear feedback and coaching to individual designers • Ensure designers have clear goals that support them in delivering impactful work • Help designers to understand our wider mission and vision

Level 2

• Provide clear feedback, coaching, and career development guidance • Ensure designers perform well and have clear, ambitious, impactful goals for product work and career progression • Motivate designers to focus on delivering their best work and ambitious about raising the bar

Level 3

• Provide clear feedback to designers, managers & directors • Ensure designers exceed ambitious goals (both in product and career), maintaining a steep upward trajectory of impact • Motivate designers to be curious, competitive, and ambitious

Level 4

• Provide clear feedback, coaching, and guidance across the Design function • Grow the team’s performance, set clear expectations and goals, ensure we reach them • Inspire and motivate the team to deliver the once-in-a-career opportunity we have

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