Inspires day to day excellence, maximises potential and effectively resolves performance issues with compassion


Level 1

Helps individuals identify blockers and helps them identify next steps for resolution

  • Notices when someone is stuck and reaches out

  • Helps others break down problems into feasible, tangible next steps

  • Talks through problems non-judgmentally

  • E.g. Completed training on diagnosing problems

  • E.g. Unblocked a group member

  • E.g. Reinforces and affirms positive feedback for good work

Level 2

Helps individuals resolve difficult performance issues, with insight, compassion, and skill

  • Gathers context outside the immediate problem

  • Recognizes issues within local environment and suggests change

  • Works to encourage ownership of actions and responsibilities

  • E.g. Completed training on decision making

  • E.g. Convinced a group member to solve a problem directly, rather than doing it for them

  • E.g. Gave honest feedback about poor performance, with compassion

Level 3

Intervenes in long-standing performance issues with targeted behavior change or performance plans

  • Aggregates signals of poor performance and creates process for improvement

  • Investigates motivation and externalities for consistent poor performance

  • Puts together comprehensive, achievable performance plans

  • E.g. Worked with group member to address persistent communication failures

  • E.g. Arranged a transfer to another team, resulting in improved performance

  • E.g. Managed group member closely to maximise chances of PIP success

Level 4

Mediates escalated situations, empowers underperforming teams, and resolves conflict

  • Recognizes heightened situations and toxic or aggressive interactions

  • Inserts themself into conflict where appropriate to calm and mediate

  • Encourages open dialog and builds trust between parties in conflict

  • E.g. Empowered a team to drive forward amidst uncertainty

  • E.g. Protected team from externalities so they could focus on goals

  • E.g. Mediated sit-down between team members to address tension

Level 5

Resolves complex organizational dysfunction, or persistent conflict at senior levels

  • Takes control of dysfunctional teams to organise chaos

  • Repairs broken team dynamics and builds harmony

  • Presides over a well-oiled team of teams

  • E.g. Turned around the performance of a problematic team

  • E.g. De-escalated serious tensions between teams

  • E.g. Rebuilt trust between senior team leads

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