Builds community internally, gives of themself to the team, and champions and extols company values


Level 1

Is available and present on current teams, and works to contribute positively to company culture

  • Participates in team activities and offsites

  • Treats colleagues and clients with respect

  • Joins groups or committees outside regular duties

  • E.g. Joined and actively participated in the web client guild

  • E.g. Brought a small gift back from vacation for the team

  • E.g. Wrote entertaining and informative Prod Ops writeups on Hatch

Level 2

Steps up, builds connectedness, and takes concrete actions to promote an inclusive culture

  • Makes space for others to participate

  • Collaborates with other engineers outside direct responsibilities

  • Finds ways to ramp up and engage new hires quickly

  • E.g. Created onboarding bingo

  • E.g. Brought shy and introverted people into a dominant conversation

  • E.g. Volunteered as secretary for a team

Level 3

Contributes to improving team relatedness, and helps build a culture of lending support

  • Takes on additional Watch shifts at short notice

  • Pitches in to help other teams hit deadlines, without missing own deadlines

  • Uses position to raise difficult issues on someone's behalf

  • E.g. Lead Watch cycles with little support while still contributing to projects

  • E.g. Started and drove the LGBTQIA ERG

  • E.g. Stayed positive and improved team morale during period after layoffs

Level 4

Exemplifies selflessness for the team without compromising responsibilities, and lifts everyone up

  • Goes above and beyond on the Watch, serving the team without complaint

  • Implements concrete programs to signficantly improve team inclusivity

  • Takes on large amounts of tedious grunt work for the team without being asked

  • E.g. Devoted large amount of time to helping outside direct responsibilities

  • E.g. Refactored hundreds of legacy Shepherd nodes

  • E.g. Acted as sole maintainer of Boxen for years

Level 5

Lives the company values, guards positive culture, and defines policies that support relatedness between teams

  • Brings separate teams together to build relatedness

  • Holds individuals, teams, and leadership accountable to Medium's values

  • Sets the tone, policy, and goals around maintaining an inclusive company

  • E.g. Organized wine and olive tasting offsite to Napa for the whole engineering org

  • E.g. Devised, delivered and acted on findings from an engineer happiness survey

  • E.g. Challenged and corrected exclusionary behaviour or policies

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