💬 Communication (Engineering)

How you interact with others

💬 Communication (Engineering)

Level 1

  • Provides regular status updates to their mentor/buddy

  • Points out syntactical improvements in code reviews

  • Writes PR descriptions that provide basic context for the change

  • Seeks guidance from other engineers, rather than answers

  • Actively communicates what they are working on

  • Seeks out feedback

Level 2

  • Proactively communicates to their team what they are working on, why, how it's going and what help they need

  • Accepts feedback graciously

  • Gives feedback to peers when asked

  • Provides helpful and actionable feedback in code reviews in an empathetic manner

  • Can deliver their work to their team and others

  • Proactively gives feedback to those they work with

Level 3

  • Transparent about mistakes they've made, early

  • Proactively gives timely actionable feedback to peers

  • Proactively seeks feedback from the people around them

  • Considers the opinions of others before defending their own

  • Clearly communicates throughout implementation of solutions

  • Can successfully get buy-in for their proposals

Level 4

  • Proactively gives feedback 'upwards' and to people they interact with who are not in their team

  • Transparent in making design and technical decisions

  • Helps people in non-technical roles understand technical constraints / trade-offs

  • Shares technical context and direction for less experienced engineers

  • Gives direct and constructive feedback to other engineers

  • Communicates their area’s role within the larger mission of the company

Level 5

  • Helps other people develop themselves and regularly gives insightful, useful feedback to those around them

  • Talks to non-technical stakeholders on appropriate level of abstraction

  • Communicates the long-term vision & mission for the company and their area

Level 6

  • Transparent about feedback they have received and what they are going to do differently

  • An effective and inspiring communicator internally and externally

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