Career Development

Provides strategic support to engineers to help them build the career they want

Career Development

Level 1

Gives insight into opportunities and helps identify individuals' strengths and weaknesses

  • Advocates on behalf and in defense of a group member

  • Shares opportunities for improvements and recognises achievements

  • Explains appropriate available industry paths

  • E.g. Collected and delivered feedback

  • E.g. Discussed career options and areas of interest informally

  • E.g. Hosted a Floodgate Academy intern

Level 2

Formally supports and advocates for one person and provides tools to help them solve career problems

  • Ensure a group member has an appropriate role on their team

  • Offers effective career advice to group members, without being prescriptive

  • Creates space for people to talk through challenges

  • E.g. Set up and attended regular, constructive 1:1s

  • E.g. Provided coaching on how to have difficult conversations

  • E.g. Taught group members the GROW model

Level 3

Inspires and retains a small group of people and actively pushes them to stretch themselves

  • Discusses paths, and creates plans for personal and professional growth

  • Advocates to align people with appropriate roles within organization

  • Works with team leads to elevate emerging leaders

  • E.g. Reviewed individual group member progression every 6 weeks

  • E.g. Suggested appropriate group member for Tech Lead position

  • E.g. Arranged a requested switch of discipline for a group member

Level 4

Manages interactions and processes between groups, promoting best practices and setting a positive example

  • Manages team transitions smoothly, respecting team and individual needs

  • Develops best practices for conflict resolution

  • Ensures all group members' roles are meeting their career needs

  • E.g. Completed training on situational leadership

  • E.g. Built a resourcing plan based on company, team, and individual goals

  • E.g. Prevented regretted attrition with intentional, targeted intervention

Level 5

Supports the development of a significant part of the engineering org, and widely viewed as a trusted advisor

  • Supports and develops senior leaders

  • Identified leadership training opportunities for senior leadership

  • Pushes everyone to be as good as they can be, with empathy

  • E.g. Provided coaching to group leads

  • E.g. Devised Pathwise curriculum for group leads

  • E.g. Advocated to execs for engineer development resources and programs

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