The ability or willingness to change in order to suit different conditions


Level 1

Comfortable with new contexts and roles.

  • Self improvement: You can name three activities which give you energy, and three which drain you.

  • Learning: You can point to a time when you learnt a new skill to solve a problem in front of you.

  • Efficient decision-making: You regularly make decisions regarding the direction of your own work in a timely manner

Level 2

Happy with vague requirements and enjoys helping to define the work.

  • Self improvement: You use your development areas to build improvement goals for yourself, seeing improvements over time.

  • Learning: You develop new abilities and look for ways in which to practice them, as a result of them being useful to your current role.

  • Efficient decision-making: You help your immediate peers to make decisions based on what projects need, not what they feel most comfortable doing.

Level 3

Can take problems outside their skillset and quickly adapt to solve them. Helps other peers to do the same.

  • Self improvement: You can point to several areas of improvement resulting from your focus on improving development areas over time.

  • Learning: You develop a new set of skills and passions over time which are repeatedly invaluable to your team and organisation.

  • Efficient decision-making: You help your team to make decisions in a more timely manner, breaking down assumptions about the shape of the work and encouraging people to value done over perfect.

Level 4

Leads others in looking for ways to better serve business or customer needs, even outside their own discipline. Willing to lead mundane but important tasks.

  • Self improvement: You build processes for yourself and others around you, diagnosing development areas and figuring out better ways of working and collaborating. You champion self improvement in your organisation.

  • Learning: You demonstrate a learning mindset and encourage that in teams that you lead, with measurable results that you can point to.

  • Efficient decision-making: You're part of decision-making teams on several major company-wide initiatives, employing appropriate processes and techniques.

Level 5

Not defined by any one skillset or title, often critical to the company's success in a number of areas. Utilises entire teams creatively to accomplish tasks.

  • Self improvement: You devote a meaningful percentage of your time to improving not only your development areas but the development areas of those around you, encouraging everyone to be more self aware. You work with senior stakeholders in helping them navigate their own strengths and development areas.

  • Efficient decision-making: You're central to driving core company strategy, and regularly lead decisions around risky or ill-defined projects, due to your ability to think and move effectively and efficiently.

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