The ability to advocate for yourself and other people, projects and ideas with a positive attitude to change and progress


Level 1

Effectively advocates for themselves, is a positive influence on the team

  • Mentoring and building: You trust your peers to deliver on a piece of work.

  • Inclusivity: You demonstrate confidence in your own ideas and work.

  • Connecting expertise: You occasionally look for opportunities to connect with subject matter experts.

Level 2

Effectively advocates for immediate peers and those around them

  • Mentoring and building: You find chances to give more junior peers opportunities that were offered to you.

  • Inclusivity: You demonstrate confidence in the work of others around you, and trust them to deliver.

  • Connecting expertise: You actively connect members of your team with external parties and bring groups together.

Level 3

Advocates for the wider team, championing the work and effort of many.

  • Mentoring and building: You organise opportunities for your team to take on challenges and vouch for their ability to deliver.

  • Inclusivity: You look for ways to promote or encourage wider inclusion in your working environment.

  • Connecting expertise: You organise events or publish content promoting your team's expertise, both internally and externally.

Level 4

Actively sets process and tools to help organization to celebrate success both internally and in public.

  • Mentoring and building: You improve the ability of others to advocate for themselves and their teams.

  • Inclusivity: You are a vocal advocate for equality and fairness around you. You're comfortable calling out bad behaviour.

  • Connecting expertise: You are an active and regular promoter of your organisation's work to internal stakeholders and external parties. You advocate for the expertise of your team, resulting in regular opportunities for them.

Level 5

Proven record of helping senior management to recognize and advocate for their staff, builds champions in teams and love for the business internally and externally.

  • Mentoring and building: You find and build champions in the business. You're relentlessly positive about the work of others.

  • Inclusivity: You are active industry-wide in matters of inclusion and diversity. Everyone believes you won't rest until your business and the world around it is truly fair.

  • Connecting expertise: You look for excellence around you, finding and extracting it even in underperforming teams. You're a visible advocate for your company at large.

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