Art Direction

The ability to imagine, create, communicate and execute against a creative vision.

Art Direction

Level 1

Is able to explore and envision basic visual concepts and narratives, generating and explaining interesting ideas with support.

  • Inspiration: You've gathered inspiration from your surroundings for a basic project, drawing from examples.

  • Vision: You've explored visual concepts for several small projects, getting feedback before committing.

  • Telling a Story: You've been able to explain your design decisions across several smaller projects, relating them to a broader narrative.

  • Selling the Dream: You've supported in client/stakeholder-facing pitch or signoff of several pieces of work, and led on a small project.

Level 2

Is able to create grounded, well-reasoned narrative visual concepts regularly without support. Often brings the best idea to the table in a group setting. Can tell a good story.

  • Inspiration: You have a catalogue of inspiration, examples and great work that you are constantly adding to. You've drawn on that over several project.

  • Vision: You've led visual concepting for several projects, getting feedback before committing.

  • Telling a Story: You've pitched stakeholders on several projects, carving a narrative that they have understood and bought in to.

Level 3

Regularly creates pitch-perfect concepts that both tell the story and delight the viewer. Highly creative and a source of inspiration for the team. Able to pitch concepts in compelling ways.

  • Inspiration: Your knowledge of famous and recognised work means you can pull from a vast array of inspiration when working on briefs of all sizes.

  • Vision: You've led the creative process, establishing a creative vision end-to-end for several successful large projects.

  • Telling a Story: You've pitched stakeholders or external clients on several large projects, carving a narrative that they have understood and bought in to.

Level 4

Makes the whole team more creative, discerning and self-critical when it comes to the reasoning behind their work. Is able to both generate and tell the story of any piece of work, bringing everyone on the journey.

  • Inspiration: You see inspiration where others just see the world around them. You understand humans, psychology and your customer in a way that has allowed you to encourage your team to think in new ways on major projects.

  • Vision: You've led the creative process across the entire team, carving a creative vision end-to-end across all work ensuring it's coherent and on-brand.

  • Telling a Story: You've created the narrative, including any presentations and artefacts, across the business that all work fits into, making it easy for anyone to justify the work they're doing outside the team.

Level 5

Is a renowned art-director, with work featured in industry publications. Speaks, blogs or otherwise represents the industry at large regularly. Actively lifts the creativity of the team and business, helping customers to imagine a better world.

  • Vision: You've guided the creative vision of the business, bringing other team members on-board and empowering them to create within your world. Your creativity has been recognised within the industry.

  • Telling a Story: You've proven yourself a skilful story-teller, bringing the whole business, partners and major clients on the journey of major high-risk projects. You guide the team to be braver, understand their audience and think about the narrative.

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