Brand Identity

The ability to establish and maintain a clear and consistent brand identify

Brand Identity

Level 1

Is aware of the importance of brand identity and how customers fit within it.

  • Positioning & storytelling: You understand the principles of brand positioning, it's importance within the organisation. You recognise the value of compelling storytelling.

  • Creativity: You are able to ideate around a basic problem and contribute ideas to a wider discussion.

  • Customer empathy: You understand that any successful brand must be routed in the customer. You are able to do a basic interpretation of customer insights.

Level 2

Is able to take a customer focused approach to brand identity. Has a deep understanding of the marketplace and where the product sits within it.

  • Positioning & storytelling: You understand the importance of storytelling to a brand identity, and can shape contributing narratives. You know how the brand positioning fits within the business strategy.

  • Creativity: You are able to agilely come up with new ideas on a range of basic problems, championing others' solutions if superior to your own.

  • Customer empathy: You are able to feel customer pain around a problem. You can comfortably use customer insights in shaping your area of the brand.

Level 3

Leads wide-ranging projects related to brand identity. Is able to assist junior colleagues in taking customer centred approach.

  • Positioning & storytelling: You use the core values of the brand to ensure correct positioning, including creating points of difference with competitors. You use the brand story to help drive growth in the business.

  • Creativity: You are unfazed by received wisdom when ideating on wide ranging projects. You constantly question expectations and help junior colleagues contribute around an issue.

  • Customer empathy: You are always looking for deeper insights into your customer. You use these insights to drive change internally. You are a champion of the customer when working in cross-functional teams.

Level 4

Is a leader in the organisation in brand identity. Can help pivot or relaunch a brand based on customer and market insights.

  • Positioning & storytelling: You shape the unique brand positioning based on comprehensive knowledge of the competitive marketplace. You ensure that inputs from other functions of the business contribute to the brand positioning. You are an expert story teller, crafting compelling narratives to support the business goals.

  • Creativity: You use your comprehensive understanding of ideation techniques to lead the team in breaking away from received wisdom to come up with new solutions to a problem.

  • Customer empathy: You are a leader in creating a customer focused brand. You align the organisation internally around the customer, to better provide external support. You are able to interpret comprehensive insights to build consensus.

Level 5

Is the owner of the brand identity. Ensures the entire organisation understands their customer and makes decisions with a single focus.

  • Positioning & storytelling: You ensure that strategic inputs from across the business are used to establish business goals for the brand positioning. Your expertise allows you to position a brand from scratch, or challenge an existing positioning to better align with business strategy.

  • Creativity: You lead ideation efforts at an organisation level, using your abilities to help colleagues in other departments to solve sticky problems in new and unexpected ways.

  • Customer empathy: You are the organisational expert in building a customer focused brand identity. You ensure the organisation from top to bottom has the customer at the centre at all times.

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