The ability to respect, adhere to and work creatively within the guidelines of the brand you're designing for, or create/expand those guidelines where necessary.


Level 1

Is able to follow brand guidelines across basic briefs. Can invent within the guidelines, with support.

Level 2

Is able to follow and maintain brand guidelines with a good attention to detail across more complex work. Can invent within guidelines, finding space to create with little need for correction.

Level 3

Is a brand guardian, not only ensuring their work fits into the wider brand every time but ensuring work coming out of the rest of the team is on point. Can extend and re-imagine guidelines when given the opportunity.

Level 4

Is able to not only create within guidelines but knows when to bend and break them. Is able to lead rebranding projects, ensuring stakeholders and team members are along for the ride. Actively supporting other team members.

Level 5

Is leading major branding projects across a business to industry acclaim. Is able to pull together opinions, constraints, customer insight and tone of voice to create spectacular brands. Renowned across industry for their work.

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