Campaign Planning

The ability to plan cross-channel campaigns, from understanding what drives growth across your market, to budgeting and campaign design.

Campaign Planning

Level 1

Understands and can assist on the basic building blocks of campaign planning.

  • Market understanding: You have a basic understanding of what drives growth in our market.

  • Strategic planning: You understand the need for campaign objectives, and the basics behind drawing them up. You understand the differences between the campaign channels and how a plan works across them.

  • Financial planning: You are able to assist with basic financial planning, understanding how financial plan links to campaign objectives.

Level 2

Is able to plan a limited campaign, using market knowledge to inform both strategic and financial plans.

  • Market understanding: You recognise market trends and what is important to users, through interpreting data and user research.

  • Strategic planning: You can draw up campaign objectives across a basic campaign across multiple channels, considering, themes, seasons and subject matter. You plan how to meet deadlines and how to evaluate the campaign.

  • Financial planning: You can draw up a basic budget relating finance to other resources including time. Using your past experience you can begin to optimise your budget for channel.

Level 3

Is able to lead on planning wide ranging campaigns based on a comprehensive market understanding.

  • Market understanding: You have a comprehensive understanding of what drives growth in our market, using that knowledge to inform planning that impacts across multiple projects.

  • Strategic planning: You are able to draw up objectives across a large campaign or multiple small campaigns. These include relevant, integrated marketing activities to reach these objectives and to influence customers.

  • Financial planning: You can budget across multiple projects optimising for channel based on past experience. Your roadmaps are ambitious, well considered and for projects up to a year in length.

Level 4

Is an organisational leader in campaign planning. Can plan big budget campaigns that span multiple years.

  • Market understanding: Your in depth understanding of the market and what is important to users informs strategy across multiple teams.

  • Strategic planning: You lead on creating strategic objectives for the largest campaigns, that run across the organisation.

  • Financial planning: You lead the team in producing financial roadmaps across multiple projects. You are an expert at optimising budgets for channel based on needs. Your financial plans are used to make decisions at the highest levels of the organisation.

Level 5

Is the organisational expert in planning campaigns. Campaigns are impacted by and inform whole business strategy.

  • Market understanding: You lead the organisation in your understanding of the market. This understanding informs not only department, but also whole business strategy.

  • Strategic planning: You are the organisational expert in drawing up campaign objectives. Your work is used by all those junior to you to guide the direction of the department.

  • Financial planning: You lead the organisation in financial planning, working at an exec and board level. Your plans span multi-years and ensure your teams build and maintain project spends based on needs.

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