The ability to ensure that a company is following the law and regulations of their country, as relates to data, trade, health & safety or other regulated areas, or that a project is meeting the compliance requirements of its stakeholders.


Level 1

Understands the basics of legal compliance in a relevant area.

  • Legislation: You have a competent understanding of the basic compliance laws of your territory.

  • Monitoring: You have a good knowledge of the organisation's monitoring requirements.

  • Process optimisation: You understands the need for process optimisation around compliance in the organisation.

Level 2

Is able to assess what is needed to undertake a legal compliance project, and identify any risks of undertaking that project.

  • Legislation You have a good understanding of the relevant compliance legislation, are able to analyse legislation and can draft basic compliance policies with some guidance.

  • Monitoring: You understand the regulatory requirements for monitoring, and how they are applied to the organisation. You contribute to ongoing monitoring projects.

  • Process optimisation: You understand all the key compliance processes and are able to identify and prioritise improvements.

Level 3

Analyses legal compliance projects and risks, and assesses whether they are feasible. Recommends mitigation strategies for any risks identified. Advises on compliance issues throughout the business.

  • Legislation: You have a deep understanding of the relevant legislation, and use this knowledge to inform the remainder of your compliance practices.

  • Monitoring: You apply monitoring practices across a range of areas of the business to ensure legal compliance. You provide training on monitoring for colleagues.

  • Process optimisation: You understands the organisation's compliance processes as a whole and are able to innovate around them. You are able to coach junior members of the team on how to improve processes.

Level 4

Ensures all legal compliance projects are assessed and executed within company guidelines. Is able to identify areas of risk and recommend appropriate mitigation strategies.

  • Legislation: You are on top of all legislation relevant to all areas of compliance in the business. You quickly interpret upcoming legislation and implement changes as required across the organisation. Ther

  • Monitoring: You are an organisation expert on monitoring, ensuring that all elements of compliance are met with high standards.

  • Process optimisation: You lead the team on process improvement, understanding and developing best practice across all teams and projects.

Level 5

Provides legal leadership in line with company strategy, in relation to anything in the company's control that could impact its compliance with legislation or regulations, including oversight of policies and procedures.

  • Legislation: You are the go-to organisational expert in compliance legislation.

  • Monitoring: You leads the entire organisation on all aspects of monitoring, ensuring sound understanding of compliance principles and processes are implemented across the business.

  • Process optimisation: You lead the organisation in process improvement, strongly influencing best practices across the organisation's projects and teams.

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