The ability to write appropriate, on-brand and compelling copy across a variety of formats and mediums.

Level 1

Is able to produce acceptable marketing and brand copy with support. Basic understanding of the needs of different mediums. Acceptable spelling and grammar.

  • Tone of Voice: You've repeatedly written smaller pieces of content which matches the expected tone of voice of the brand you're working on.

  • Spelling and Grammar: You've demonstrated good basic spelling and grammar, rarely needing support or correction.

  • Platform Fluency: You can describe the lingual constraints of several platforms and scenarios.

  • Brevity and Style: You have shown an ability to be deliberate with words to achieve a word-count or effect.

Level 2

Is able to produce good, on-brand content unassisted. Pushes the tone of voice, introducing new ideas to the team. Good command of spelling and grammar.

  • Tone of Voice: You've written brand and tone-appropriate content across multiple projects, with demonstrable results.

  • Spelling and Grammar: Your spelling and grammar are almost always correct because you've double checked your work consistently before showing others.

  • Platform Fluency: You've demonstrated an ability to write appropriately for several platforms and formats across multiple projects

  • Brevity and Style: You've proven an ability to self-edit effectively, rarely needing help cutting down or simplifying your work across multiple projects.

Level 3

Easily channels the tone of voice of the brand, writing accurate, appropriate copy across any medium. Regularly supports others and improves their work.

  • Tone of Voice: You've raised the bar of content for your team with engaging and appropriate copy across multiple major projects.

  • Spelling and Grammar: You've demonstrated great knowledge of sentence construction and grammatical conventions in complicated or technical writing.

  • Platform Fluency: You've written multiple pieces of both long and short-form content in high profile areas across different platforms and contexts.

Level 4

Steers and enhances the quality and clarity of the tone of voice across the brand. Seen as the voice of the brand, resulting in impact across all channels. Formally training others and building teams.

  • Tone of Voice: You're known as the voice of the brand internally – resulting in being asked to write critical copy on very high profile campaigns.

  • Spelling and Grammar: You've made yourself the go-to person for clarification of correct grammar and sentence construction across a team of multiple writers. You've pro-actively corrected writing mistakes across the business as you've seen them.

  • Platform Fluency: You've coached others on how to write well for at least one platform. You're seen as an expert on the team across several platforms.

Level 5

Has a renowned command of language – helping to carve a tone of voice and style that is known across industry, clients and customers. Pushes techniques and methodologies both inside and outside the business.

  • Tone of Voice: You're raising the tone of voice bar across your industry with recognised engaging, on-brand work resulting in significant acclaim or business value.

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