The ability to think of new solutions and ideas, even with significant constraints


Level 1

Is able to think through simple tasks, coming up with new solutions and exploring multiple options.

Level 2

Is able to own unsolved problems and explore novel solutions, often with benefits to efficiency or simplicity. Can ideate quickly and is comfortable with thinking on their feet. Unselfish and open-minded.

Level 3

Is at their best when given few constraints and a problem to solve. Unfazed by boxes, expectations or existing patterns. Always champions the best idea over their own idea.

Level 4

Inspiring others to be more creative in solving their problems. A deep understanding of ideation techniques, which they help others use regularly. Constantly questions expectations and tries to beat them.

Level 5

Leading open-ended R&D efforts on a company level. Positive, excited and open to new ideas all the time. Brought in to help experts navigate preconceptions and break out of boxes.