Funnel Marketing

The ability to strategically guide prospects through the customer journey, to become engaged customers.

Funnel Marketing

Level 1

Understands the fundamentals of funnel marketing.

  • Buyer journey optimisation: You understand the basics of the buyer journey, including key touch points.

  • Lead management: You have a solid understanding of lead management. You can understand the basics of how to acquire leads, nurture them and turn them into customers.

  • Lead scoring: You understand the importance of lead scoring to improve conversion rates. With assistance you can work from an existing lead scoring model.

Level 2

Has a comprehensive knowledge of the existing marketing funnel and how it interacts with the rest of the organisation.

  • Buyer journey optimisation: You have a comprehensive knowledge of the existing buyer journey and can start to spot issues arising within that journey.

  • Lead management: You have a deep understanding of lead management, including understanding how to nurture leads, identify sales vs non sales ready leads, and handoff to the sales team.

  • Lead scoring: You have a good understanding of, and ability to use, the existing lead scoring model.

Level 3

Is able to identify gaps and start to optimise the existing funnel, whilst connecting marketing and sales functions through comprehensive lead management.

  • Buyer journey optimisation: You know which channels to use at which stage to optimise the buyer journey, and can identify and start to plug gaps in the funnel.

  • Lead management: You are comfortable with lead management processes, can identify non-sales ready leads and craft processes to better develop leads based on identifying the critical information required. You ensure smooth, effective marketing to sales handoffs across the team.

  • Lead scoring: You widely use the existing lead scoring model, and work with relevant other teams to optimise this model based on new and existing inputs.

Level 4

Uses an in depth understanding of the business, and wider market to optimise the marketing funnel, and to ensure the sales team are set up for success through the quality of leads provided.

  • Buyer journey optimisation: You are widely known as a leader in optimising the buyer journey, regularly spotting bottlenecks and determining growth opportunities across all channels in that journey. You ensure optimisation occurs at the awareness, consideration and decision stages in the funnel.

  • Lead management: You are an expert on lead management. You works across your team to ensure lead management processes are executed seamlessly.

  • Lead scoring: You are an organisational leader in lead scoring. You track the performance of lead scoring through setting goals, and you widely optimise based on the results.

Level 5

Leads on funnel optimisation, and processing of leads across the organisation.

  • Buyer journey optimisation: You are an expert in optimisation. You are able to identify issues before they've become clear. You lead the organisation in your ability to reduce friction in the process, consistently helping junior colleagues upskill as a result.

  • Lead management: You lead the organisation in lead management. You use your experience and expertise to mentor junior colleagues ensuring the highest quality lead management organisation wide.

  • Lead scoring: You are the organisational expert on lead scoring. You are constantly pushing your colleagues to refine and optimise the model for specific outcomes, constantly challenging established conventions.

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