Hiring and Org Design

The ability to understand the needs of the business and ensure that your team can meet them

Hiring and Org Design

Level 1

A competent interviewer. Able to follow a structured hiring process, and make a decision.

  • Hiring: You are regularly part of hiring panels, and have been hiring manager for at least one hire that passed probation.

  • Employer Brand: You've helped to establish the company as a good employer through promotion on stage or online. You've inputted into the company's careers pages.

  • Deploying teams: You've carved out an additional role for yourself or peers to fulfil a need that a team has.

Level 2

An experienced hiring manager. Involved in planning head count and hiring plans, and decisions to create new disciplines and teams as the company needs.

  • Hiring: You regularly lead hiring panels, and are been a part of designing the process in which your discipline hires overall. You've personally hired several designers who have passed probation and gone on to perform well.

  • Employer Brand: You help to define and improve your team's employer brand. You create content or promotion to help the team.

  • Deploying teams: You help establish supporting teams or disciplines in the business.

Level 3

Managing a team's hiring process end to end. Thoughtful design of the process results in great hires and retention.

  • Hiring: You design the hiring process for your team, ensuring it's fair and diverse. You consciously design the candidate experience from application to first day on the job and beyond. You write strong job descriptions which encourage diverse candidates.

  • Employer Brand: You lead processes to improve your wider organisation's employer brand, organising team members to do outreach and create content, with measurable impact on candidate pipelines and employee pride.

  • Deploying teams: You lead the deployment of a new disciplines or teams. You hire into that discipline, championing it and ensuring its success when it arrives. If it's no longer needed, you are the first to decide to redeploy the team members elsewhere.

Level 4

Capable of managing hiring processes across multiple teams and departments. Makes exceptional hiring decisions. Spends meaningful time improving employer brand at all touch-points.

  • Hiring: You organise a hiring process across multiple departments which ensures a thorough, rigorous and fair process which makes it easy for multiple hiring panels to assess consistently. You provide scripts and interview training, and source new members of hiring panels.

  • Employer Brand: You ensure regular activity and significant investment around improving employer brand for your wider department.

  • Deploying teams: You assist with the deployment or re-organisation of teams, ensuring that they are embedded, understood, supported and effective. You hire into disciplines outside your own, and work with peers in other departments to make that happen.

Level 5

Runs an exceptional hiring process across an organisation. Captures fantastic, diverse and interesting candidates then assesses them fairly, resulting in a high quality team. Ensures the team has everyone it needs to support the business.

  • Hiring: You're consulting on hiring across teams far from your own, due to your diligence to a hiring process. You've improved the experience of joining the company with measurable benefits to team growth and new joiner success levels. Your process for your teams is robust and grows as teams do. Because of you, the standard of hires across the business is higher.

  • Employer Brand: You ensure regular activity and significant investment in improving employer brand for the entire business - using your team to facilitate a higher perception of the company. You have ownership of the employer brand, and see it as your personal mission to establish the company as world-leading.

  • Deploying teams: You've established an entirely new skillset at your organisation. You find experts in that field and utilised them to ensure you're setting that discipline up for success. You're advocating business or industry-wide for those disciplines and their impact on the quality or efficiency of your team's output.

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