The quality of caring more about what other people need and want than about what you yourself need and want


Level 1

A good team player, and generally trusted by others.

  • Sharing opportunities: You can point to a time when you volunteered to take a less interesting project to give someone else an opportunity.

  • Credit and blame: You're quick to correct when credit is misattributed. You admit fault when you don't have to.

  • Building trusted relationships: You'll allow team-mates to present projects if they want to, without interrupting or correcting.

Level 2

A champion of peers and team members.

  • Sharing opportunities: You have shown evidence of repeatedly giving and supporting others in interesting work, seeing the team's need as greater than your own.

  • Credit and blame: You actively look to ensure everyone praise is shared fairly when given to you. If someone else is blamed for your mistake, you own up.

  • Building trusted relationships: You have regularly encouraged peers to present and promote shared efforts.

Level 3

Looks actively for opportunities for others, even in areas of strength or interest for themselves.

  • Sharing opportunities: You can point to multiple opportunities you've given people to take praise for group projects on your behalf.

  • Credit and blame: You're a true ally to your peers and wider team, protecting them from undue blame and pushing praise onto them. You regularly look for opportunities to give praise publicly.

  • Building trusted relationships: You're trusted to mediate team situations involving difficult parties, without getting in the way.

Level 4

Helps teams come together. Trusted by all as a coach and ally.

  • Sharing opportunities: You have chosen the right path for your team (even when that means passing on work) over personal glory repeatedly and demonstrably.

  • Credit and blame: You repeatedly use your position of power to redirect credit fairly, and absorb blame that isn't constructive to your team.

  • Building trusted relationships: You'll quietly bring multiple teams or business units together to talk and work more efficiently. Your peers in the organisation see you as someone to confide in when they're struggling with a problem.

Level 5

An unsung hero, working tirelessly for the good of others. Helps whole organisations recognise shared objectives. Protects teams from unnecessary blame.

  • Sharing opportunities: You have chosen the right path for your organisation over personal glory repeatedly and demonstrably.

  • Credit and blame: You've achieved greatness within your organisation not by grabbing it, but by your sense of selflessness being reciprocated. You've taken blame for poor performance of teams reporting to you and earned their trust.

  • Building trusted relationships: You've facilitated two ego-driven parties at the highest level. Everyone around you trusts that you have their best interests at heart.

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