The ability to use your judgment to make decisions and do things without needing to be told what to do


Level 1

Doesn't wait to be asked. Open minded about their own skillset.

  • Can-do attitude: You repeatedly demonstrate a positive attitude when given new projects.

  • Pro-activity in seeking help: If you're stuck on something, you seek help quickly from the correct party.

  • Follow through: You take on small pieces of work with ill-defined or unknown requirements and help to push through to a successful outcome.

Level 2

Relentlessly positive in pursuing new ways to solve a problem.

  • Can-do attitude: You see opportunity in every piece of work, however outwardly mundane or solved.

  • Pro-activity in seeking help: When your team is stuck on something, you are quick to suggest that you all adjust focus, reframe a problem or talk to someone new.

  • Follow through: You lead medium to large projects with unknown requirements and helped drive to a successful outcome.

Level 3

Refuses to believe that anything is unachievable. Infectious desire to activate and progress. Like a rocket: just light the fuse.

  • Can-do attitude: You're constantly creating new opportunities for yourself and those around you. Your team is celebrated for innovation as a result of your contributions.

  • Pro-activity in seeking help: You recognise a lack of expertise in yourself and your organisation, and pro-actively found that expertise in areas not given to you. This leads to a successful outcome on more than one occasion.

  • Follow through: You adapt your skillset and knowledge to lead large or complex projects to a successful outcome.

Level 4

Asks a lot, expects the impossible. Drives others to create their best work. Sees opportunities in everything.

  • Can-do attitude: You take ill-defined requirements and lead a large group within your organisation to make progress on them.

  • Pro-activity in seeking help: You build relationships with people across your organisation without being asked, expressly for the purpose of boosting your ability to achieve great results.

  • Follow through: You're deeply involved in projects which require your ability to move through uncertainty. You adapt your skillset appropriately for those projects, morphing into what the projects need you to be.

Level 5

A visionary. Optimism in the face of seemingly impossible odds, on an existential scale. Unafraid to speak truth to power.

  • Can-do attitude: You activate and galvanise people around you at the highest level, as proven in several business-scale new initiatives originating from yourself.

  • Pro-activity in seeking help: You see opportunities to approach or work with external parties in a major strategic or tactical manner, leading to significant improvement in outcome.

  • Follow through: You thrive in the unknowns on a company level. You've led more than one new core strategic initiative, taking ideas and unsolved problems and enthusiastically solving them.

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