People Development

The ability to manage and develop people within the organisation

People Development

Level 1

Is able to understand the fundamentals of developing people. Assists with review processes.

  • Progression: You understand the desire of employees to have progression in the workplace, and are able to provide basic assistance in how to achieve this.

  • Feedback & performance reviews: You understand how a positive feedback culture fits within the business, and how performance reviews are managed to achieve this.

  • Learning & development: You understand the basic approach to learning and development within the business. You use these approaches yourself, in order to better appreciate them.

  • Pastoral: You understand the pastoral role the people team plays and you are able to assist in supporting other employees.

Level 2

Is able to lead people development projects, working alongside team managers.

  • Progression: You work with managers in ensuring progression is a priority within the business, researching tools and approaches where required.

  • Feedback & performance reviews: You manage performance reviews for your area of the business. You assist senior colleagues in driving a positive feedback culture, monitoring for fairness, equality and productiveness.

  • Learning & development: You support managers in providing learning and development opportunities for their teams.

  • Pastoral: You are a pastoral go to for an area of the organisation. You are known as a safe person to talk to, who will proactively look to assist.

Level 3

Is able to lead wide ranging people development projects that impact multiple teams. Is a go to for development for employees.

  • Progression: You work across multiple teams in ensuring progression is a priority. You understand the impact on retention and fight for every employee's development.

  • Feedback & performance reviews: You manage performance reviews across multiple business areas. You are a prominent driver of a positive feedback culture, and a key advocate for fairness within it.

  • Learning & development: You lead efforts to support teams in their learning and development. You seek out better more nuanced opportunities, never settling for second best.

  • Pastoral: You are a pastoral go to for multiple areas of the organisation. You are known as a safe person to talk to, including for senior colleagues, who will proactively find ways to assist.

Level 4

Leads multiple teams in employee development. Is known organisation wide as a champion of improvement.

  • Progression: You work across the organisation designing progression processes. You're an expert on retention, and what employees are looking for.

  • Feedback & performance reviews: You are an expert in the performance review process, and a leader in driving a positive feedback culture. You seek out external knowledge in the area, always looking to improve the organisation's processes.

  • Learning & development: You are the organisational expert on learning and development. You drive the improvement of knowledge and skills across every part of the organisation.

  • Pastoral: You are known organisation wide as a pastoral go to. You take responsibility for the most complex situations, using your experience to redesign organisational structures if required.

Level 5

Is able to lead the organisation in employee development.

  • Progression: You are an expert on progression both in the organisation, and also in the industry.

  • Feedback & performance reviews: You lead the organisation's culture of feedback. You lead the design of the organisation's processes for performance reviews.

  • Learning & development: You are known industry wide as an expert on learning and development. The development of your people is at the forefront of what you do.

  • Pastoral: You are responsible for the pastoral health of the organisation. You train your team to spot situations before they develop ensuring a healthy, happy and productive workforce.

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