People Operations

The ability to manage the operational side of the people team

People Operations

Level 1

Is able to understand the fundamentals of day to day work in people operations.

  • Legal understanding: You understand the basics around work permits and can assist where appropriate.

  • Compensation management: You understand how compensation is managed in the organisation, including salaries, shares, perks and benefits.

  • Recruitment: You are a competent interviewer. You are able to follow a structured hiring process, and make a decision.

Level 2

Is able to manage basic operations alongside managers.

  • Legal understanding: You have a basic understanding of employment law, where it applies and when to query with senior management. You can manage work permit applications.

  • Compensation management: You are able to benchmark compensation internally and externally. You are able to have basic conversations with employees around compensation.

  • Recruitment: You are able to be involved in planning head count, and decisions to create new disciplines and teams as the company needs.

Level 3

Leads the team on operations, ensuring transparent, fair processes. Is able to mentor the most junior members of the team.

  • Legal understanding: You have up to date knowledge of employment law. You know when and how to escalate to legal experts. You can manage complex work permit applications.

  • Compensation management: You lead the team in benchmarking compensation internally and externally, and spot and flag unfair situations. You understand how compensation fits within the personnel budget. You lead on conversations around compensation.

  • Recruitment: You are able to manage a team's hiring process end to end. You ensure that thoughtful design of the process results in great hires and retention.

Level 4

Is considered an expert on people operational matters. Mentors junior members of the team to manage difficult conversations. Has a relentless focus on pushing the business forward through positive recruitment.

  • Legal understanding: You are able to manage the organisation's most complex legal cases, working with legal experts where required.

  • Compensation management: You make and manage the personnel budget around compensation. You lead the team in having conversations with employees. You are the organisational expert around options and shares. You drive the team to innovate around new perks and benefits.

  • Recruitment: You manage hiring processes across multiple teams and departments. You spend meaningful time improving employer brand at all touch-points.

Level 5

Leads the entire organisation on people operations. Is an expert on employment law, compensation and recruitment.

  • Legal understanding: You are the organisation's expert in employment law. You have close relationships with legal experts, and use your collective knowledge to shape organisational procedure.

  • Compensation management: You lead the organisation in compensation strategy. You work across senior management in devising fair and appropriate compensation at all levels.

  • Recruitment: You run an exceptional hiring process across the organisation. You capture fantastic, diverse and interesting candidates, resulting in a high quality team. You ensure the team has everyone it needs to support the business.

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