People Strategy

The ability to develop and build a people strategy for the organisation based on data and insights

People Strategy

Level 1

Is able to understand basic people strategy in the organisation and the rationale behind it.

  • Building the product: You understand the tools used by the organisation, and why the organisation uses them. You actively research what new tools are available in the market.

  • Business insight: You understand the broad structure of the organisation, how teams interact, and have some more in depth knowledge of one particular team's function.

  • Data led approach: You understand the importance of data in people teams. You are able to interpret basic data with assistance.

Level 2

Is able to design and lead small projects on people strategy.

  • Building the product: You understand how and why the organisation uses its tools. You have a wide knowledge of the market, and are able to identify new methods and techniques that might support one or multiple teams' strategic goals.

  • Business insight: You have a detailed knowledge about how the organisation fits together, and specific in depth knowledge of a particular team's function.

  • Data led approach: You understand the interaction between quantitative and qualitative in relation to people analytics. You can start to draw insights across the two, contributing to the overall business strategy.

Level 3

Is able to lead a team in devising complex strategy projects, using data, tools and deep business understanding.

  • Building the product: You lead the team in implementing the tools and approaches to fulfil the organisation's strategy. You understand the importance of user experience when using features and optimise the approach with that experience in mind.

  • Business insight: You are an expert in the interaction of different teams within the organisation and their interdependent needs. You have specific in depth knowledge in the function of one or more teams.

  • Data led approach: You ensure that all decisions are driven by data. You can plan new data gathering exercises as required.

Level 4

Is an organisation wide expert in people strategy. Leads in designing organisation wide initiatives.

  • Building the product: You are an expert in the tools, features and approaches that exist within the marketplace. You lead the team's culture of treating the user experience as a product, and letting that drive strategy.

  • Business insight: You have a deep understanding of the dynamics of multiple teams. You understand each team's wants and needs, and can address on an organisation wide or team wide basis as appropriate.

  • Data led approach: You align people team strategy with the business strategy through comprehensive people analytics.

Level 5

Is able to lead the organisation's people strategy from top to bottom.

  • Building the product: You lead the conversation internally and externally around your employee experience. You ensure all tools or approaches used have a clear purpose and that the organisation is a leading light in people strategy.

  • Business insight: You are a leader in understanding how the organisation operates, and an expert in how different teams interact within it, and how they interact with senior management and with the board.

  • Data led approach: You drive a data led approach to people strategy across the organisation.

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