The ability to identify, understand and connect with the most appropriate potential customers


Level 1

Understands the structures around prospecting. Is able to conduct basic research and assist in drawing customer profiles.

  • Understanding the market: You conduct basic research into your competitors and understand broad similarities and differences between them.

  • Developing customer intelligence: You are able to conduct basic research into the market, identifying potential leads based on your most common customer profiles.

  • Outreach: You are able to make initial approaches to potential smaller customers. You understand the importance in identifying decision makers.

Level 2

Is able to lead prospecting for a customer segment. Can draw a comprehensive customer profiles and develop strong leads.

  • Understanding the market: You have a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape and understand how your product fits within it.

  • Developing customer intelligence: You are able to build prospect lists from a variety of sources, and can refine these lists to establish the best match for your product.

  • Outreach: You can identify the best channel with which to reach both gatekeepers and decision makers. You are able to connect and hold productive first conversations.

Level 3

Leads the team in prospecting a wide range of potential customers. Has a deep understanding of potential customers, based on advanced customer profiling.

  • Understanding the market: You are able to use your insight into the market to identify your unique value proposition within it.

  • Developing customer intelligence: You build structures and approaches from which your team can develop intelligence around potential customers. You use your network to leverage relationships and create new connections.

  • Outreach: You develop practices for initiating contact with customers across a variety of channels. You lead the team in connecting and having exploratory conversations with customers of all sizes.

Level 4

Is an expert prospector. Uses their wide network to generate strong leads for a large range of companies. Mentors junior colleagues in developing customer profiles and understanding the market.

  • Understanding the market: You are in total control of your unique value proposition within the market. You ensure this deep understanding within the market feeds back into the rest of the organisation.

  • Developing customer intelligence: You lead the organisation in developing intelligence on the customer, building and managing an extensive network to create new connections.

  • Planning: You develop strategic prospecting plans connected to business goals. You coach your team in following these plans.

  • Outreach: You lead the organisation on developing practices for reaching out to leads, and targeting well aligned customers.

Level 5

Leads the prospecting of the organisation and is known externally for their thought leadership in this area.

  • Understanding the market: You use your standing in the industry to leverage information that can be fed into the sales process. You focus on impacts industry trends might have on the product, services and therefore the prospecting process. You mentor all those junior to you in the understanding of the market.

  • Developing customer intelligence: You use your expertise in and of the industry to guide the development of customer intelligence. Your network is the most influential in the organisation. You ensure the organisation is focused on understanding the customer, so works as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  • Planning: You are responsible for the organisation's strategic sales plan, and how it interacts with the overall business plan.

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