The ability to simulate real digital experiences efficiently and accurately


Level 1

Has basic prototyping ability, may need guidance

  • Prototyping: You've built several simple prototypes to test the work you've produced, and used them on peers or users, before iterating based on feedback.

Level 2

Can build high quality prototypes independently

  • Prototyping: You've built at least one complex, heavily interactive prototype, utilising a modern prototyping tool or other technology to pull in data and allow for free exploration of your idea. You've used the findings to meaningfully improve an outcome.

Level 3

Can build complex prototypes involving data or new technology

  • Prototyping: You've led several major prototyping projects in a variety of contexts and using different technologies. You're helping others on your team to up-skill in more technical prototyping methodology.

Level 4

Regularly thinks beyond the toolkit in front of them to create realistic simulations for their users. Guiding others in prototyping tools and techniques.

  • Prototyping: You've established or materially furthered the ability of your team to spin up prototypes efficiently and with material effects on learnings and handover. You're pushing the limits of prototyping technology, employing cutting edge techniques to help teams produce completely realistic experiences while upskilling.

Level 5

Deep understanding of prototyping, can build fully realistic, complex interactive prototypes. Regularly guiding others.

  • Prototyping: You've transformed your organisation as a whole into an experience-driven business, through you demonstrating, time and time again, the power of testing through qualitative experiences. Stakeholders across the business demand your prototypes, and because of you the team are able to service their needs.

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