The ability to understand a customer's needs, and ensure cross-functional communication to improves the customer's time with the brand.


Level 1

Is able to understand the basics of retention and how to go about improving it.

  • Email marketing: You understand the role that email plays in retention, and how it fits within the strategy.

  • Data analysis: You are able to understand the role data plays in a retention strategy, and are able to extract and summarise basic insights.

  • Product marketing: You understand the basics of the product, a customer value proposition, and the importance of a go to market strategy.

Level 2

Has a good knowledge of the organisational retention strategy and can implement basic approaches.

  • Email marketing: You are able to build both basic automatic and manual email sequences, and interpret lead and lag metrics to determine performance.

  • Data analysis: You are able to identify issues within the retention data. You use data to drive decision making, and can design short term experiments to improve the data, or the impact of that data.

  • Product marketing: You have a comprehensive understanding of the product and can start to manage basic customer value propositions. You contribute to the launch plans for a product including product positioning.

Level 3

Understands the intricacies of customer needs, can implement strategies to keep customers around.

  • Email marketing: You take a metric led approach to email strategy. You are advanced at building sequences and have a basic understanding of the behavioural psychology behind email marketing.

  • Data analysis: You can extract, analyse and summarise data effectively, identifying the most significant insights for the business. You actively ensure the robustness of the data at all times.

  • Product marketing: You are able to use your deep understanding of the product to take inputs from cross-functional teams to managing comprehensive customer value propositions. You use your industry knowledge to regularly input into product positioning and launch strategy.

Level 4

An organisational leader in retention strategy and implementation. Shares knowledge of customer behaviour across the organisation to ensure a single focus on preventing churn.

  • Email marketing: You are able to ensure that the team's email strategy is inclusive of all markets. You lead on the importance of behavioural psychology underpinning the copywriting and storytelling in emails.

  • Data analysis: You design what data you need to establish new insights for the business. You are able to proactively pre-empt issues with the data as it exists.

  • Product marketing: You lead on innovating new customer value propositions. You lead on wide ranging go-to-market plans, ensuring research backed product positioning.

Level 5

Is a recognised expert in retaining customers. Has deep understanding of customer needs and behaviours, and knows what will or will not keep customers around. Shares learnings with other team members to improve retention.

  • Email marketing: You lead the organisation in email marketing strategy. You are an expert in behavioural psychology, and mentor junior colleagues in creating nuanced email sequences.

  • Data analysis: You have an exceptional track record of taking insights and turning them into business strategies. You ensure a rigorous approach to ensuring the robustness of existing data.

  • Product marketing: You are an expert product marketer. Your industry knowledge, allied with your influence across the organisation allows you to lead all teams on launching new products.

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