Technical Understanding

The ability to empathise with engineers and technical peers, and write code

Technical Understanding

Level 1

Can understand the technology they're designing for on a high level and how to avoid difficult or out of scope technical decisions.

Level 2

Understands in depth the technology that the company uses, the debt and constraints of their product, and works to bring engineers into their process to ensure an efficient process. Can contribute in a small way to the technology. Understands agile, kanban, scrum processes.

Level 3

Is able to speak technical language fluently with engineers and other peers. Is able to contribute more meaningfully to the product, including in production. Advocates for engineers in design critique and review.

Level 4

Is a true ally to technical staff. Spends meaningful time in code, contributing to production codebases where necessary and reviewing the code of others. Will rarely make a hard-to-implement design decision without talking to engineers throughout. Audits and improves the process of agile shipping.

Level 5

Is fully capable as a front-end engineer, crafting fantastic experiences through code. Helps designers and developers work better together through improving processes and tools for both. A deep understanding of agile process.

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