Technical Writing

The ability to write succinct, clear and effective functional copy for digital experiences

Technical Writing

Level 1

Has a basic understanding of both the business and product context and the needs of the user. Writes thoughtfully across small tasks, with support. Basic knowledge of broad trends in technical writing.

Level 2

Understands human-computer interaction, user needs and goals enough to challenge and advocate for better writing across a team. Writes strong, usable and clear copy with little to no support.

Level 3

Deeply versed in how people read on-screen and off, reading levels and the technical ability of users. Advocates for test-driven writing, building process and tools to allow that to happen.

Level 4

Has a very deep understanding of the needs of the business and their user. Writes accessible, clear and precise language which performs very well across a broad spectrum of user types. Builds strategy around better and more consistent writing across entire teams, including adoption of new tools and techniques.

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