Wellness & Sustainability

Building a successful business can take a decade. Building your best business can take three or more attempts. The best founders make sure they do what they do in sustainable way so they can keep on swinging the bat.

Wellness & Sustainability

Level 1

Is aware of the importance of sustainable entrepreneurship but regularly struggles to find balance.

  • Outside interests: Your time outside work is normally prioritised for easy, decompressing activities.

  • Healthy co-founder relationships: Your discussions with co-founder are limited to short-term, tactical topics around the day-to-day running of the business.

  • The fundamentals: eat; sleep; exercise: You rarely have the opportunity or interest to consider how food, rest and exercise might impact performance.

Level 2

Is able to get through each week with a smile but sometimes feels overwhelmed or anxious.

  • Outside interests: You infrequently pursues outside interests: sometimes starts a class or new hobby but have trouble balancing it with work priorities.

  • Healthy co-founder relationships: You occasionally discusses bigger picture topics with co-founder such as the long term goal of the business or their current feelings about working in the business.

  • The fundamentals: eat; sleep; exercise: You occasionally makes an effort to eat healthily, get a good night's sleep and do some exercise.

Level 3

Generally feels like their involvement in the business is sustainable.

  • Outside interests: You have outside interests that requires active participation. You generally make time to this activity.

  • Healthy co-founder relationships: You schedule regular time to specifically discuss co-founder relationship topics such as how they feel about their role and how they find working with you.

  • The fundamentals: eat; sleep; exercise: You eat a healthy and varied diet. More often than not you exercise a couple of times per week and are mostly well rested.

Level 4

Despite responsibility and uncertainty, is able to live a balanced life.

  • Outside interests: You have an ongoing or important commitment to an outside interest e.g. part of a football team, coaches a junior sports team or studying for a part-time qualification. Not doing this would disappoint yourself and others.

  • Healthy co-founder relationships: You promote a culture of honesty, openness and empathy that encourages the discussion co-founder relationship topics outside of scheduled time.

  • The fundamentals: eat; sleep; exercise: You always makes time for exercise, eat a balanced diet and practice good sleep hygiene.

Level 5

Builds a culture of wellness and sustainability among co-founders and management.

  • Outside interests: You understand the importance of commitment to outside interests as a way to counterbalance the unique stresses of being a co-founder. You encourage co-founder and other employees to find and commit to outside interests.

  • Healthy co-founder relationships: You pro-actively looks for ideas from others on how to improve the co-founder relationship. You see a strong co-founder relationship as the foundation of a strong company.

  • The fundamentals: eat; sleep; exercise: You encourage others, to prioritise exercise, good diet and sleep. You promote taking time out the day to exercise and respect others' time outside core business hours.

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