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Stay on track

Your team can capture the work they’re doing every day to demonstrate how they’re developing. Save, track and check off Actions to keep career growth front of mind, always.


For teams

Prioritise growth

Add Actions for the work that contributes to your growth. All Actions are linked to skills to keep them focused.

For teams

Build a picture

Check off completed Actions and add Wins to outline the value you’ve added. Then use these, along with all the other updates you add in Progression, as evidence of the work you’re doing to develop.

More from Progression

Find focus with Focus Skills

Select up to three Focus Skills to prioritise, and add Actions that directly contribute to them.

Celebrate completed Actions with Wins

Get into the habit of adding Wins every time you complete an Action.

Make Check-ins actionable

Actions are the natural next step after you’ve completed a Check-in. Managers and reports can work together to set Actions that keep career growth front of mind.

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