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Supercharge building with AI

Struggling to write content for your framework from scratch? Missing something in our library? No problem! With our AI assistant you can create rich and targeted content in seconds.

AI Build Assistant

Building Content

Generate skills

Write great skills in minutes. All you need is your skill’s name, and some behaviours that exemplify the skill, and we’ll do the rest.

Coming Soon

Update and evolve your content over time

Our content audit tools let you spot holes, duplication and inconsistency as you build, allowing you to stay on top of an evolving set of expectations.

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Find focus with Focus Skills

Select up to three Focus Skills to prioritise, and add Actions that directly contribute to them.

Celebrate completed Actions with Wins

Get into the habit of adding Wins every time you complete an Action.

Make Check-ins actionable

Actions are the natural next step after you’ve completed a Check-in. Managers and reports can work together to set Actions that keep career growth front of mind.

Build world class careers in days not months

Find out how we can accelerate your team's career growth, today