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Measure and grow

With Progression, all the information you need to evidence growth is on hand, so you can feel confident making decisions, and your team can feel confident advocating for themselves.


For managers and teams

Have better career conversations

We’ve designed our Check-ins to be quick, simple and painless. Enable better, deeper, fairer conversations that directly link to your team’s progression. The outcome? Clarity for everyone on their next career move.

For teams

Dig deeper with rich insights

It’s easy for your team to see the unique shape and growth of their skillset, and the areas to focus on next with our Check-in view.

For teams

Work out what’s next

Your team can check in against their current or future roles, to identify their strengths, blind spots and where they need to level up.

For managers

Be the boss you always wanted

Progression surfaces your team’s Wins and completed Actions during Check-ins so you can celebrate their achievements, unblock and support them, and advocate for what they deserve.

“Even some of the managers who were very against this concept are now completely turned around and love it. They now do more check-ins than we prescribe!”

Florence Carter, People Director, Busuu

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Add teams in minutes

Add and update team members and reporting lines by CSV or one-by-one for easy team management.

Download data

Analyse data in your tool of choice, or keep it to take to your next role with easy Check-in downloads.

Choose your cadence

No waiting around for HR-mandated review cycles — complete Check-ins whenever it feels right.

Build world class careers in days not months

Find out how we can accelerate your team's career growth, today