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Compare any two roles in your organisation

Drive lateral and cross-functional movement with our universal compare feature, allowing your team to look at any two positions together.


For employees

Get ready for the next step

No more guesswork. Instantly compare your position with the one above, to identify gaps in your current skillset and where you need to develop to get a promotion.

For teams

Identify new opportunities

Progression enables you to explore roles outside of your team too. Compare your position with any other in your organisation’s Progression frameworks to identify opportunities to switch career path.

“The thing that’s really impressed me is how easily [the managers] have got it set up with valuable information for the rest of the team. That takes a massive part of the inertia away from this sort of exercise.”

Justin Stach, Director of Design, Farfetch

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Your framework, in the wild

Return the favour and share your own framework publicly in our library for others to build from, complete with custom colours and hiring links.

As big as you need it to be

Unlimited teams, parallel tracks and levels of seniority — Progression grows with you with our paid plans.

Export your roles

Need a quick download of a job role for an interview? We have you covered with downloadable positions.

Build world class careers in days not months

Find out how we can accelerate your team's career growth, today