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Prioritise development

Never lose sight of the skills that matter most as your team develops. Focus Skills keep everyone focused and on the same page.

Focus Skills

For teams

Three’s the magic number

Everyone can select up to three skills to focus on at a time. Why three? Because it’s much easier to target developing a smaller number of skills, rather than face overwhelm trying to do everything at once.

For teams

All in one place

When your team needs to look back, they can tap into each skill to see a feed of everything they’ve done that contributes to their growth — super handy for 1:1s and Check-ins.

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Bring them to life with Actions

Note down the work you’ll do to develop each Focus Skill by adding Actions. Once complete, Actions demonstrate what you’ve done to progress.

Managers can see Focus Skills too

Everyone’s on the same page — Focus Skills are visible to managers, so everyone knows what to focus on in the next 1:1 or Check-in.

Make growth a habit

You can review and update your Focus Skills anytime, and we’d recommend doing so at least quarterly as part of your Check-in.

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