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Build beautiful frameworks in minutes

Give your team the clarity they need to track their career path. Whether you’re content-ready or starting from scratch, we’ll have you up and running in no time.


For managers

A new home for your content

Say goodbye to the spreadsheet! With Progression, you can build beautiful, interactive career frameworks in minutes, adding skills, competencies and behaviours. Simple.

For managers

Start with positions

Frameworks are made up of three things — positions, skills and levels. The first step to building yours is to outline the roles in your team, so everyone has a clear idea of the career pathways available. Positions, tick!

For managers

Add skills

A framework powered by skills forms the criteria needed to track and evidence development in Progression, and enables you to support and advocate for your team’s growth.

For managers

Provide clarity

Levels give your team the clarity they’re craving. Levels explain what’s expected of your team in their current role, and what they need to do and demonstrate to take their next career step.

For managers and teams

Share as widely as you need

Put the power to progress in everyone’s hands and share your Progression frameworks with the world. Invite your team, and potential new hires, to explore, compare and plan freely. Different permission levels ensure only the right people can see and edit your work.

“The thing that’s really impressed me is how easily [the managers] have got it set up with valuable information for the rest of the team. That takes a massive part of the inertia away from this sort of exercise.”

Justin Stach, Director of Design, Farfetch

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Your framework, in the wild

Return the favour and share your own framework publicly in our library for others to build from, complete with custom colours and hiring links.

As big as you need it to be

Unlimited teams, parallel tracks and levels of seniority — Progression grows with you with our paid plans.

Export your roles

Need a quick download of a job role for an interview? We have you covered with downloadable positions.

Build world class careers in days not months

Find out how we can accelerate your team's career growth, today