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Celebrate achievements, every day

Recognise your team’s hard work with Wins. Easy to add, Wins demonstrate your team’s progress, and can be used to evidence growth at key career moments.


For managers and teams

It’s easy to add Wins

Acknowledge your team’s hard work with a private or public Win. Simply add a Win in the Progression app, via win.new or in Slack. They’ll get notified as soon as you submit their Win.

For managers and teams

Celebrate together

Share the love with team Wins. With Progression, you can recognise collaborative achievement by tagging more than one person in the same Win.

For managers and teams

Your Wins go further

You have complete control over the visibility of the Wins you add. Keep them private, shared with a manager, or visible to everyone in your company’s Wall of Wins and Slack channel of your choice.

For managers and teams

React with emojis

You’ll be notified every time you get a Win, and can acknowledge it or thank your Win-giver with an emoji. You can also react or plus-one other’s public Wins.

For managers and teams

Evidence growth

Wins, alongside other Progression updates, are tagged with skills and live in Work Feed, ready to refer back to as evidence of growth. So everyone can feel empowered to advocate for themselves at key career moments.

More from Progression

More informed Check-ins

When it’s time to complete a Check-in, Wins are right there, ready to refer to.

Set up rituals in Slack

Prompt your team to celebrate everyone’s hard work with a weekly Win reminder in Slack. #WinsFriday anyone?

Export your Wins

You can download your Wins as a CSV file, if you ever need to use them elsewhere.

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