1:1s: Our tried and tested meeting template

1:1s: Our tried and tested meeting template

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A couple of weeks back, we shared the bank of 26 questions we ask our team during one-to-one meetings. They help us have more meaningful conversations, flag issues, share feedback, and most importantly, get to know each other better.

Alongside the questions, it’s really important to document your 1:1s in a consistent way. And that’s where our free 1:1 meeting template comes in — we use this to keep track of the questions asked, feedback given and any actions for the manager or team member. Both should have visibility of this document.

What’s in Progression’s 1:1 template?

A screenshot of Progression’s free 1:1 meeting template

Here at Progression, we use Notion to store all our documents. Our 1:1 meeting documents (one for every team member) are private, and visible to the manager and team member only.

The document includes a space for notes broken down by week, and a list of all the questions a manager might ask — this way, everyone has an idea of what to expect.

We also capture growth goals here, so they’re always front of mind. These link nicely to the framework we create for every team member in Progression, helping to keep our conversations focused and aligned with our overarching career goals.

Why should I use this 1:1 template?

Expectations are clear from the outset

Everyone has access to our bank of 1:1 questions, so they can get an idea of what might be asked – no nasty surprises here.

It helps us keep track of what’s been said

This comes in particularly handy during our quarterly check-ins – no need to cast your mind back three months, everything’s noted down and easy to refer back to.

Nothing’s hidden

Both manager and team member have visibility of what’s been said and noted down, so things are less likely to be misconstrued. Actions are also captured to ensure next steps are clear.

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