The best employee training tools

The best employee training tools

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If the pandemic has taught us anything about the workplace, it’s that everyone needs to be on the same page no matter where they are working.

Over the past two years we’ve seen a huge increase in remote learning, so it makes sense that there’s a vast range of Employee Training tools at our disposal. From Learning Management Systems, to Video Training to Project Management, it can be tough to see the wood from the trees.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of the best employee training tools available so you can assess which tools fit your company’s needs to a tee.

Learning Management Systems

A Learning Management System (LMS) is the software used to organise, deliver and track online training courses. The idea of a learning management system came directly from the rise in e-learning and remote training. There are heaps of benefits to using an LMS on both local and global levels: flexible learning, centralized storage of data and progress, easy tracking and increased productivity. Here are some of the best LMS on the market and what they could offer you and your team.


360 learning pioneered the idea of ‘collaborative learning’ and emphasizes collaboration at every step of the training process. They also use AI to automate some of the administrative sides of training, so learning can be as efficient as possible.

360 learning has an excellent satisfaction rate among employees, with courses having a 91% completion rate on average (compared to 20% for other eLearning platforms). They also have a team of industry experts and a ‘360 learning knowledge base’ which employees can access whenever they like.

Some testimonials from happy customers of 360Learning:

Dror Yaacobi from Similarweb says: ‘360 learning allows anyone in the company to be a coach, trainer, group admin, etc.’ Missy Strong from Aircall says: ‘They’re really customer-centric, their support team is super reactive and attentive.’

Learn Upon LMS

LearnUpon is all about efficient e-learning with maximized benefits for every member of your team. Unlike 360Learning, LearnUpon aims to ‘accelerate business growth with one centralized solution’.

The ease and efficiency of using LearnUpon are definitely one of their strengths, with a quick set-up and admin-friendly user interface. They also offer scalable training delivery, meaning you can easily adapt training schemes to your company’s capability.

Some testimonials from happy customers of LearnUpon:

Netskope used LearnUpon’s ‘scalable solution’ to train 10,000 team members. Another customer success story is Gusto, who now have a 10-times higher likelihood of certified partners referring new partners after using LearnUpon to train their staff.


Docebo works as an AI-powered, cloud-based platform for teams of any function and scale. A big difference with Docebo is you can make your own training courses available for other organizations and sell them. An interesting benefit to Docebo is they also offer a type of social platform called Docebo connect. You are also able to inject learning into the Salesforce platform, to ‘know how learning is contributing to revenue performance with a native cloud-based LMS integration for the world’s most-used CRM.’

Some testimonials from happy customers of Docebo:

A representative from La-Z-Boy says: “Switching to Docebo is one of the best decisions we’ve made for employee and partner education.” They now have ​​85% more course completions. UK Charity Citizens Advice also sang Docebo’s praises, claiming switching their LMS to Docebo saved them £600,000 by 2021.

Video training tools

In today’s distributed and global culture, video training is a must. Video training tools help save time, travel costs, and fuel consumption, in a world where an in-person meeting isn’t always possible. Here are a few of the best video training tools we think you should check out.


Lessonly is training software that uses AI technology and video streaming to help teams learn, practice, and improve their working lives. A more popular option for video training software, Lessonly is now used by over 3 million learners at nearly 900 leading companies.

A big plus for Lessonly is they offer activities, exercises, and games for you to put your new skills into practice. If you’re more of a hands-on learner, Lessonly is much more like a school classroom than a lecture you absorb passively. Lessonly has also recently added a sales enablement and tracking feature, which they're calling ‘a one-stop-shop for sales acceleration.’

Some testimonials from happy customers of Lessonly:

Mike Margowski from the U.S. Cellular says: ‘Lessonly has been great for our teams out in the field. It enabled us to quickly and easily take information, package it up, and deliver it directly to our associates.’ Michelle from MarketThrive says: ‘Since we brought Lessonly on board, - we've definitely seen our hold rate go down.’


Panopto is a video training tool that began as a solution to streamlining remote learning in higher education. They now focus on businesses as well as Educational institutions, hosting more than 1.6 billion minutes of video in their cloud. Unlike Lessonly which strictly focuses on training resources, Panopto also acts as a video management tool, almost like a cloud storage platform. So not only can you create and host your own training tools, Panopto can securely archive huge amounts of video data for you. Panopto also hosts on-demand webinars for any users regardless of their institution. There are heaps of free, accessible content you can use to your company’s advantage.

Some testimonials from happy customers of Panopto:

Dr. Waldemar Kowalski from Northwest University says: “You don’t need a huge technical staff to make it happen. You can set it up for your instructors so it’s almost goof-proof”.

In the business sector, Harper Cornell, from Mizuno USA says: “Panopto was so easy to learn. Everything was very intuitive, and it was easy for me to train the rest of the team.”


Now owned by Vimeo, Wirewax allows you to create interactive videos that viewers can engage with. Unlike Panopto, Wirewax has more of a focus on content creation than hosting mass amounts of video. Wirewax has some innovative features for video creation such as branching, where users can ‘add choices to your video and allow your audience to choose their own journey as they watch.’ They also have a Hotspots feature where users can add ‘interactive touchpoints to anything or anyone in your video then link those to fully customizable overlays that reveal themselves when your audience interacts.’ Wirewax definitely sets itself apart from other video tools in terms of video content creation.

Witness the work of Wirewax:

National Geographic collaborated with Ikea to create an innovative interactive experience you can watch here. Nike also used Wirewax technology for video content and found that 73% of all viewers interacted with the ‘NikexHypebae’ experience, a huge boost in engagement.

Project management tools

Project management is the backbone of any successful operation, especially when using remote teams. Project management tools not only streamline workflows but also help employees learn the ropes faster and onboard new employees more effectively.  Here are a few of the best project management tools available to organize your workflow, whichever sector you’re in.


Asana is a workplace management dashboard that aids communication across companies and teams. With Asana, you can break down projects into tasks and allocate them to members across sectors.

A handy feature of Asana is its integration with other apps that businesses use, like Google Drive and Outlook. You can also include timed deadlines and notify team members on approaching project deadlines. Users of Asana include Tesco, The NHS, Sky, Uber, and Spotify to name but a few.

Some testimonials from happy customers of Asana:

A representative of Zoom says: “It was clear that Asana is the market leader in work management, and we wanted to have that business relationship.”

Shoe brand Doc Martens also claims asana helped with streamlining the creative process. ‘It's amazing to see the team take ownership of the tool and rally other teams to get on board.’


Notion is a project management and note-taking software with the aim to completely centralize all office work tools.

One benefit of Notion is there’s a big community element to the platform, where you can get inspiration from thousands of community-made templates, integrations, and events. Another handy feature is the user-friendly interface - your daily work and knowledge live side by side so you never lose context.

Some testimonials from happy customers of Notion:

A representative of Deel says: “Anything that exists in anyone’s brain is recorded in Notion. Someone could join Deel and onboard themselves without ever speaking to anybody.”


Basecamp is an All-In-One toolkit for working remotely designed to foster a ‘sense of calm’ when it comes to organizing group projects.

An interesting feature of Basecamp is its group chat function, so you can instantly message your teammates. Unlike Asana, which encourages the use of Slack messaging, Basecamp lets you communicate in one place. Another perk is Basecamp’s work/life balance feature where team members can set and modify their working hours.

Some testimonials from happy customers of Basecamp:

Patrick Sheffield from Moore Communications Group says: ‘We get more work done, quicker, and better. Productivity is up. Errors are down. Clients are happier.'

Kimberly Benefield from Autotrader says: ‘Having a single location for messages, files, to-dos, and timeline has kept everyone on the same page.’

Whether it’s Learning Management Systems, Video training, or Project Management tools you’re after, choosing the best platform for your company is a huge step in the right direction. When choosing the best employee training tools for your team, remember to keep your company’s core values in mind and pick the tools that prioritize those ideas. If creativity is a key part of your company culture, for example, you could benefit from the video tool Wirewax. If you’re all about thorough training and education, try the LMS Lessonly. There’s a dizzying amount of choice when it comes to Employee training tools, so make sure you’re using the tool that's a perfect fit for your team.

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