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We're hiring: Customer Success Lead

We're hiring: Customer Success Lead


£65k - £75k + options




UK Remote

What do we do here?

Today, millions of employees looking for career growth are stuck between bad HR software and impenetrable spreadsheets. There are no career development products that employees and managers really want to use.

That's not good enough. Managers should have the power to support their teams, and anyone should have the opportunity to be the best version of themselves and create careers that they love.

We're building the solution to that. Progression brings clarity to employees around their career growth, and simplicity and scalability to teams as they grow and look to promote and reward employees for their hard work.

That's just the start. Our mission is to help everyone build a career that they love.

That's where you come in

Right now building a progression framework is a deeply painful experience involving hours of writing, lots of communication and some very unwieldy spreadsheets.

Progression makes that much easier, with everything from templates and skills to use out of the box to the tools and nudges to allow our customers to get way more out of the content they've created.

However, a lot of the challenge lies outside the walls of our UI. Communicating, calibrating and ensuring your rollout is successful can take a lot of time and as a new customer it's really easy to make mistakes along the way which hamper your chances of ultimately being successful.

As our customer success lead, you'll be working end-to-end with our customers, ensuring they navigate the initial setup of their teams and skills, are successful in running formal activities like check-ins, as well as checking in regularly on how they're feeling, what they need next and what we should be building to better support them.

In short, you'll get a kick out of nerding out on all things framework setup, team process and career design.

You'll be the connective tissue between our customers and our product, as well as a best friend and guiding hand to our fantastic customers as they look to improve their employees' careers.

Your skillset and experience:

You'll have:

  • At least 4 years experience working with customers on B2B SaaS products
  • Familiarity with key SaaS metrics and business models as well as Customer Success KPIs
  • Excellent written and spoken english
  • An infectious passion for helping people be successful

Your work will demonstrate:

  • A very strong sense of ownership and autonomy (you act like an owner)
  • Operationalising and automating or re-inventing a prior customer success process
  • A deep understanding of users of the products you've worked on as well as the tone and personality of the companies you've worked with
  • A cool head in a crisis — your experience will demonstrate how you've overcome the odds to get things done
  • Creativity and openness to new ideas - not just rolling out a playbook

If you happen to have any of the following, we'd love to see!

  • A passion for our space — perhaps you already document your growth, have built career frameworks for a team or have worked in a related field
  • A familiarity with no-code tools like Airtable, Zapier or Webflow in automating repetitive tasks

What you're getting into

You'll be the first customer success hire at Progression. That means you'll not only be getting into the weeds solving customer problems, but also defining the processes that we will use to scale Customer Success as a practice ongoing.

You'll have a great time if you want:

  • To get in on the very ground floor of a new tech company
  • To work with high level goals and lots of freedom in a scrappy environment
  • To learn unfamiliar things quickly so you can unblock yourself
  • To work on the most business critical projects, whatever they are

We may not be the right fit if you'd like to:

  • Work under an experienced customer success manager or as part of a team (at first)
  • Only work with one aspect of customer success - this role will provide a real mixture of problems to solve!
  • Work in an office

Our commitment to fairness

We're very committed to building a diverse team and as such will ensure that our hiring process is fair too.

Whatever your race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability, we want to hear from you.

If you're unsure whether to apply (or just want to ask a question) please use our chat bubble to ask.

"We’re building something that helps others progress within their careers and you’re encouraged to do exactly that here. I have real freedom to try new things within a team focused on improving together."

Anna, Product Manager

"Progression has an incredible and important mission, a huge opportunity and a small, focused team that is kind and talented. My first month has already been fun, challenging, and we’re already helping each other learn."

Sam, Senior Software Engineer

We're serious about careers

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