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Wins, Check-in summaries, Actions, Focus Skills, Feedback and Notes — they all live here. Easy to refer back to, simple to evidence hard work and demonstrate growth.

Work Feed

For teams

Feel your growth, every day

No need to wait around for your next career conversation or struggle remembering what you’ve done — your Work Feed collects all your updates tagged with skills in a chronological timeline to demonstrate your continuous growth. When you need to advocate for yourself, all the evidence is there.

For teams

Add Notes

You can add Notes in Progression too. Leave yourself a reminder, reflection or learning you might want to refer back to and tag it with a skill. You can keep Notes private, or share them with your manager.

For teams

Create updates in seconds

The more your team adds to Progression, the more everyone gets out. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to make Progression a habit in your organisation. You’ll find the Capture Box at the top of your Work Feed, ready to add Wins, Notes and Actions or request Feedback whenever you need to.

For teams

You’re in control

Your Work Feed is private to you, but some updates are shared with your manager and team mates. Don’t worry though, it’s clear what’s shared with who, so you’ll have total visibility of what people can and can’t see. If you’re a manager, you can filter your feed by direct reports or focus in on your own.

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The heart of Progression

Your Work Feed sits at the heart of Progression. From here, you’ll find the most useful and important shortcuts that make using Progression easier day to day.

Keep track of what’s discussed

Your 1:1 conversations remain front of mind with Notes and Actions.

Celebrate together

Your organisation’s Wall of Wins sits alongside your private Work Feed, and is the home of all team-visible Wins. You’ll find it in your Org section.

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