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"Having better tools is great, but we need to work out what content to put in them first."

As we've been building Progression it's become increasingly clear to us that the other half of building a great career progression process within a business relies heavily on getting people together, agreeing what you want to include and how to structure it, writing a bunch of content and then rolling out out (carefully) to your teams.

We've had the opportunity to work with teams sized from 15-350+ as they go through this process, running everything from half-day workshops to week long sprints.

But just as often we've heard from teams who love Progression but have to go back and run that process first. It's pretty daunting and we've seen it work well and not so well, so we want to help.

How can we help?

We have a team of fantastic partners and a set of materials available to allow your team to get from a blank spreadsheet to a fully worked out and agreed-on framework, fast. Our experts help you to cut through the endless conversations, make decisions, workshop ideas around skills and structure and advise you on rollout and presentation.

The last thing you want is 'organ rejection' – the teams you're trying to help deciding that they don't want to engage with the content you've created. We know the pitfalls and how to navigate around them to get to a point where everyone is happy and excited to have more clarity and direction, from the CEO to your junior team members just joining.

Our team will help you to:

  1. Set an initial structure, gather requirements and set goals
  2. Run tried and tested workshops around content, pulling apart expectations and values to help you come to a first answer
  3. Plan a process around iteration and review to ensure what you're doing has buy-in from those around you
  4. Set you up on Progression with all your content ready to go (and a nice little discount)
  5. Create supporting documentation and playbooks for your content to keep giving after we've gone

If you're interested, just email us at [email protected] and let us know what you need.

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