Define and measure career growth for your team

Design career levels, skills and expectations. Create simple habits that evidence growth as it happens. Trackable, proven progression.


Trusted by thousands of teams globally

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Build career paths, fast

Let Progression’s intuitive builder and library of industry-tested frameworks and skills get you from zero-to-one in minutes not months.

  • Hundreds of Starter skills and templates
  • An AI assistant to supercharge framework building
  • UIs purpose-built for clarity, not confusion
  • Org-wide skills scale as you do
Create levels
Add skills
Use templates
Compare positions

Thousands of people are growing using Progression every day


skills created


average annual skill growth


hours saved writing content


Habits that fuel growth every day

Our Work Feed, Slack integration and actionable updates are designed to keep you adding evidence to your growth effortlessly.


Skill growth you can measure

Provide meaningful and specific review moments between manager and report on strengths and improvement areas.

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Manager insight

Be a better manager, easily

Empower your team to grow. Use our radical visibility into skills and progress to support individuals and your team as a whole.

“I really have been loving using the tool - the second Check-in we just did was so seamless and made the process overall less stressful for the team because of the transparency it gives them.”

Caitlin, Talent Director, Crew (Australia)

Get started with a free template

Our template library is full of best-practice content to get you started quickly

Valued by real teams

“I was very happy to push for more use of Progression at my workplace. The Check-ins helped me and my manager sit together and have a thoughtful conversation about my growth, and Wins helped me prepare the examples for my next one.”


Lydia, Product Designer (Sweden)

“Progression gives me the opportunity to reflect and do a retrospective on my work and performance, and get feedback from my manager. It's a really good way to also understand the kind of skills that are expected from you.”


Catarina, Product Designer, Onfido (UK)

“We have such quality roles and skills that we can start using Progression as the source of truth for our department. Our annual reviews will be fed by Progression as it has much more rich, accurate data than the HR system.”


Isaac, Agile Coach, (USA)

“As a young team, we use Progression to give everyone a sense of moving forward. The more we use it, the easier it becomes. You always know how you're doing - it's right in front of us.”


Duncan, Lead Engineer, Restless (UK)

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Built for scale

With integrations into the tools your team uses, you'll be able to skip the admin and get to the true value of Progression.

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SOC 2 Compliant

Progression is SOC2 type II compliant, meaning we adhere to the strictest security standards.

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“We had someone who had given us verbal notice because she didn't know what development and progression looked like at Converge. We were able to use Progression to put something tangible in front of her in a few days. She’s still with us now.”

Amy Zhou, Head of People, Converge