Why Progression, why now?

As a manager, one thing on your plate at some point will be deciding what 'good' looks like. What defines a senior contributor? What qualities go into managerial potential? How can team members tell where they stand?

Doing this in a fair way across a team is hard. It may take weeks of filling in your spreadsheet, getting buy-in from those around you, running it by the team, tweaking to make sure it's actionable. And when you're done, you're left with a tool that still can't track progress, and still looks like a spreadsheet.

Your 1:1 conversation isn't any easier. Goals are hard to set, progress hard to measure. You simplify the framework to ship it, but leave out important detail, which allows for misinterpretation. Gradually it's left on a shelf while you resort to ad-hoc judgement calls on growth and levelling.

Now imagine you're a person in your team. There's nowhere to look to understand how to improve, and as the team grows new ever more senior job titles appear above you. You're working hard and 'hustling' but with every step forwards the goal posts move two steps away from you.

Suddenly, a Linkedin message appears. The job title you wanted, with a nice salary bump. Right there for the taking, from the company across the street. Why wouldn't you take it?

Spreadsheets aren't good enough (we should know, we've looked at a lot of them). They underserve managers, who in turn underserve their teams. It's a problem that's costing businesses real money, and your team their growth.

We think there's a better way.

With Progression you can show your team a map of where they are today and what they could get to in a nice mobile and human-friendly interface that looks almost nothing like a spreadsheet.

Get help from thousands of words of deeply written content and add what makes your team special. Or just start from scratch. Keep your teams aligned with shared skills and share your entire framework with your business or the world.

And that's just the beginning. With Progression you can:

  • Allow your people to track their own growth over time.
  • Power your 1:1's and progression conversations with real shared data
  • Give your team insights into their own strengths, while you get rich data on the team's overall profile.
  • And most importantly let everyone transfer their achievements if they move on, so they're growing careers, not just jobs.

Better than your spreadsheet, eh.

See you on the other side!
The Progression Team

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