Podcast #17: Kara DeFrias on changing careers, curing cancer and being a sponsor

Podcast #17: Kara DeFrias on changing careers, curing cancer and being a sponsor

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I loved chatting to Kara back in August, excited to finally get this episode out to your ears! Kara started her career as an instructional designer, eventually working her way to leading user experience design through experience at (amongst others) top-flight companies in sport (the Super Bowl), Film (Oscars) and politics, both as senior advisor to 18F and as Biden's Director of UX during Obama's cancer moonshot. She was also one of the first Presidential Innovation Fellows.

We talked about Instructional design, meeting Obama, pale males, career progression of a person vs a professional and where you can use existing skills in new ways and readjust your career to suit the things you’re good at AND the things you love.

We also covered attempting to cure cancer, doing user-centred design in government, being a good sponsor and our mutual love of the West Wing.

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