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Some of the things our customers are saying

Justin Stach


The thing that’s really impressed me is how easily the managers have got it set up with valuable information for the rest of the team. That takes a massive part of the inertia away from this sort of exercise.

Florence Carter


Even some of the managers who were very against this concept are now completely turned around and love it. They now do more check-ins than we prescribe!

Nick Winter


Without Progression, we would have taken much longer to realize a few much-deserved promotions for team members who had quietly been doing amazing work.

Mark Opland


Progression has accomplished three things for us. We're hiring really well, we're keeping people engaged, and we're confident that we can scale into the future.

Christoffer Kittel


It was super easy to create our framework. You just add some skills and play around with levels, and create your org that way.

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