Zero to Progression in 3 hours (and beyond!) - Part 2

Zero to Progression in 3 hours (and beyond!) - Part 2

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This 4 part series will help you go from zero to a progression framework in 3 hours.

Part 2 - Personalise your framework

Whilst our templates will take the pain of building a progression framework, there is HUGE value in customising your framework to suit your team. Whilst some core skills will be consistent across your business we know that the remit across job titles can vary and the skills your team need to be successful vary too.

So where do I start, what do I change and how much customisation is necessary at this point?!

  1. Adjust the positions to reflect your team. We've filled three IC positions and one management as a start. You can add or remove them, change the names and tweak until the structure looks like yours.
  2. Take a look at our skills library, and add in any essential skills that are missing. We recommend adding a 1 or 2 to each category but trust us, less is more at the start! It’s much easier to add skills than take them away and your team will have something to say about it.
  3. Tweak the descriptions of your skills. Whilst we’ve poured a bunch of best practice into our skills, it’s important to use your company's tone of voice so change the language as you see fit.
  4. Customise the examples we’ve provided. E.g. in your Communication skill, if you’re able to recall specific examples of fantastic communication in your team, help your framework come to life by adding them in.

We recommend completing this first pass with a small task force (perhaps 2 or 3 of you). Base the above on your collective experience and how you want to set up your team to progress but don’t expect this to be perfect. The key to success comes in part 4 of this process.

We'll talk about introducing this to your team in the part 3.

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