Zero to Progression in 3 hours (and beyond!) - Part 1

Zero to Progression in 3 hours (and beyond!) - Part 1

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This 4 part series will help you go from zero to a progression framework in 3 hours.

Part 1 - Select a “quick start framework”

Typically you would have to start your framework with a blank spreadsheet.

Luckily with Progression, whether you’re an Engineering Manager, Design Director or Head of Product we’ve got some great “quick start frameworks” to get you started in one quick click.

Our frameworks use the concept of parallel tracks to help you think about providing career progression for both experts and managers within your team. Each track consists of a set of ‘positions’ each with 5 core skills we think you’ll want to get started.These are intended to be jumping off points for you to build on over time.

Remember the first framework you build will be wrong - but that’s okay! The key here is to start somewhere - the biggest barrier to having progression conversations with your team is rolling out your first version.

We'll talk about personalising this framework in part 2.

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